Ask Your Industrial Cleaning Company to Treat These Areas as Well!

All janitors can clean carpets, floors, windows, and sanitize restrooms. However, is that enough for you as a business owner? Aren’t you expecting more from the cleaning company you are investing money in? There are a few areas in your office your janitors should never forget to treat.

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After the dusting, vacuuming, and glass washing, your cleaning personnel should take care of the area behind your office equipment. All those computers, copiers, and printers get pretty dirty over time, but have you seen the area behind them? You don’t need a magnifier to spot the piles of dust, cobwebs, and debris. If they are not removed on a regular basis, they may literally make you and your employees sick.

How about the baseboards? They collect a lot of dust and grime as well. Often neglected, baseboards have to be cleaned so that your premises have an accomplished look. Your ceiling fans and vents can get grimy too. If you own a store, restaurant, or any other commercial area, and you wish to keep it in a spic-and-span condition, you should instruct your commercial cleaners to treat those areas too. The build-up of dirt and dust can be fatal for your health.

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Your light fixtures deserve some attention as well. Regardless of their type, they should be cleaned with soap and warm water periodically for many reasons, from having better lighting to breathing cleaner air.

Your office walls and picture frames shouldn’t be overlooked either. Do not forget to ask your cleaning company to wash them at least once a month. Running your hand across those surfaces will give you a clear idea of whether they are dirty or not.

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