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If you have ceiling fans in your home or place of business, then you know how difficult it is to keep them properly cleaned all the time. Luckily, this is the type of task you can delegate to a reliable cleaning company near you! For those of you in Corona, CA, the company to turn to is Aladdin Cleaning Service Inc! We have been hard at work since 1999 providing our lovely community as well as the nearby areas with impeccable cleaning services at affordable and locally competitive prices! Our seasoned team is ready to assist you with this chore at your request!

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Why is it important to keep your ceiling fan’s clean? There are many reasons but the most important among them is your health. As they spin, the propellers of your ceiling fans gather dust particles which become stuck to them and accumulate over time. Each subsequent time you use the fan, this dust gets dispersed throughout your room and ends up in your respiratory system. This can cause allergic reactions and more severe issues. In addition, if the fan is above a dining table, kitchen or in a restaurant, the dust, dirt, and other contaminants that fall from the ceiling fan could end up in someone’s food. Instead of you wasting your valuable time climbing ladders and attempting to clean this yourself, it is more prudent to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of it for you!

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Aladdin Cleaning Service Inc is at your disposal for pristine ceiling fan cleaning! We can provide you with the results you seek by using high-grade cleaning agents that help dissolve and remove any accumulated layers of dirt. We are quite well-equipped with the necessary ladders, safety gear, and cleaning implements needed to perform this and many other valuable cleaning services. Our crew is comprised of seasoned experts who know the right techniques to use in order to clean your fans without causing any damage to them in the process. Call (951) 272-2068 to book an appointment with our reliable cleaning company in Corona, CA! Contact Aladdin Cleaning Service Inc now for a free estimate and any other additional information!